What's YOUR Testimony?????

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coffee, Caffeine and a Prayer.

Mark 1:35~Early in the morning, while it was still dark, he (Jesus) rose up and went out, and departed into a deserted place, and prayed there.

This morning I was up earlier than normal. (I am not a morning person by any means... but when I want a vehicle I must brave the hour before sunrise to take my hubby to work so I can use the van~ we are a one vehicle family!)

My eyes had a hard time adjusting to the 6AM darkness that still lingered. I pulled myself out of bed, pulling on a sweatshirt and my socks and shoes. Gathering my hair in a pony tail and heading off to the kids bedrooms to wake them up for the ride.

After fixing my hubby some lunch, bundling all the kids in warm coats and carrying the twins to the car, we were off for the ride. After a stop at McDonald's for a cup of coffee, we headed home from our short 2 mile drive to work and our short 2 mile ride home.

After a nice cup of coffee and the sun finally coming over the beautiful Utah mountains I was awake! But still kind of grumpy from not getting my full 8 hours of sleep (I am one of those people!). But a devotion, a prayer and making time to meet with my Best Friend this morning and I am ready to face my day.

Jesus rose early so that He could meet with His source of strength. He went alone into a place where He could take time to focus on God and receive from God. Jesus knew how important it was to set that time aside~ first thing in the morning~ to put His focus on the Father.

Now, as I said earlier- I am by no means a morning person! I am a night owl by nature and have been since I was a kid (okay, maybe it was a learned habit because my mom is a night owl too!) but anyhow, I despise mornings... BUT (there is 'that word') I am going to make it a point to try my hardest to crawl out of bed, sleepy-eyed, tired and in need of a good ol' cup o'joe to have time with my Source of Strength before I start my day.

With 5 young kids home all day, 3 meals and a snack to prepare, a hubby working 12 hour days, loads of laundry piling up, homeschool subjects to teach, library books to return, dishes to wash, floors to sweep, vacuuming to do and my list goes on and on... I dont know how I made it recently without tapping into my Source of Strength first thing in the morning!

I know that my new goal is to rise early and meet with God. What about you?

Jesus, your examples are shared in the Bible for a reason. You showed us through your life and examples how important it is for us to take time to draw Strength from the Father. Lord, help me to rise early so I can start my day off right. Allow me to fall asleep fast at night and sleep well through the night so I be rested for my day and be refreshed to meet with you. Lord, thank you for always being there to show me how to live my life... you truly are the perfect example to follow.
In Jesus' Name, Amen

A Praying Mom

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SAHM or Full Time MInistry?

I have recently been a little discouraged. (Yes, all of us go through it!)

I have been a SAHM since my first born came home. I did a little part-time work through Christmas season, but other than that, I have been blessed to be home with them to raise them the way God has lead my hubby and I to do so.
Well, recently I have been questioning God with why I am home!?! Why I am homeschooling my kids? Why am I stuck in the house, for days in a row, with 5 kids and no vehicle to go anywhere? What difference am I making? Am I making a difference? What differences should I be making? Am I doing all this right? Is this what You have for me to do? I thought you called me into full time ministry... when do I start?

Well, I have had a heavy heart recently... all this questions and thoughts weighing me down. I've complained to God, sometimes I found myself complaining out loud. I've questioned God, again, out loud. I've even given God my 'What-I-Want-To-Be-When-I-Grow-Up' list that I have written, re-written and re-written again for many years. (I keep changing my mind!)

I had a talk last night with an wiser, more mature Christian mom, who has been there, done that and has her lists of 'I Did This Good' and 'I Would Change This'. I explained my feelings to her and the Holy Spirit totally spoke through her last night.

Something she said but didn't say was this: 'You are not JUST a SAHM- You are in full time Children's Ministry.'

She didn't say it in those words, but that is what the Holy Spirit quickened in my heart.

And it is SO true!

As SAHMs, we are not JUST an order-to-cook chef, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a nurse, a teacher, a referee, a coach, a librarian, a personal secretary, a tailor, a pet-keeper, a on-call mom, a instruction manual reader, a counselor, a dietitian and a 'encourager'. We are in Full Time Childern's Ministry. We teach Bible Lessons. We lead our childern in prayer (how many times a day?). We read them scripture, explain to them what it means. We compare God to their daddy and open there eyes to see God in a new light.

The food, the clothing, the teaching of school subjects is all important... but God has shown me that teaching my kids His Word is just as important. Being an example to my kids of God's love, grace, mercy and forgiveness is important in my kids learning and being open to learning about God.

If I am always yelling (which I do have my days!) then how can my kids be willing to learn about a God that I say is patient and gives us patience? If I am always tired (which I have my days) then how can my kids be willing to learn about a God that I say is strong and gives us strength to face each day?

SO... I need to make sure as a mom that I am in Gods presence allowing Him to give me patience, to strenthen me to face my day (whatever it may hold). I need to be in God's word recieving His grace and understanding so that I can effectively share it with my kids.

I will admit- I haven't been in God's Word lately. I haven't taken time out of my day to stop my Martha chores and spent time at Jesus' fett with a Mary Heart.

I know I need to. And I am going to start- RIGHT NOW!

A Praying Mom