What's YOUR Testimony?????

Saturday, August 23, 2008

#1~Prayer for Good Health

Right now in my household we are playing 'pass the cold to the next person'. I am sure everyone has played this horrible game before in there family It doesn't matter that you use Clorex wipes and Lysol on everything, or that you seclude the sick person from everyone else and give everyone 100 glasses of Orange Juice eachday... they share the germs!

Well, it brings me to my first prayer topic:
Prayer for Good Health

Let's prayer for the health of our family, whether you are all well all the time (Praise God if that is you!) or you have someone who is always sick. God is a God of healing. His word says that 'By His strips we are healed.' (Is 53:5) So let's claim it in our families!

Lord Jesus, Your word is true! It has stood the test of time and has been dug through by so many scholars and it still stands whole today. Your promises are the truth and we stand on them today. We pray life, health and wholenss into our kids, our husbands and ourselves today.
We speak to the sickness that is in bosied right now to be gone. We speak to sickness that wants to creep in to lose it's effect and be gone in Jesus Name.
Lord, I thank you because cancer, colds, migranes, insomnia, MS, diabetes, Lupus--- you are bigger than each and every one of these and you are the ultimate Physican!
Jesus, take our bodies and make them whole in You.
In Jesus Name, Amen

I encourage you to uplift each family member by name right now- maybe you have a daughter who constantly gets headaches....maybe your son deals with catching every little cold/bug that goes around....maybe your husband has a bas back... God is bigger tahn all of it... lif toyur family up to Him and TRUST and BELIEVE that He can and WILL heal them.