What's YOUR Testimony?????

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A House of Prayer... Part 2

(BEFORE READING- Scroll down to MP3 Player and play My Desire by Jeremy Camp.)

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
God's Spirit lives in us and therefor we are the temple.

The same way Jesus spoke of the Temple on earth being a House of Prayer, so we should be a House of Prayer... What does that mean?

Always praying... always being in an attitude that is pleasing to God. Well, let me put it this way- always STRIVING to be in an attitude of prayer and be pleasing to God in our thoughts, actions and intentions!
There's that word again- intentions.
Ask yourself, why I am doing __ or ____. Is it for the pat on the back? IS it because no one else has stepped up to take the toddler Sunday school class so you decide to 'just do it'? Are you singing on the worship team or choir just to be on stage and show off your wonderful voice? Are you pulling your hair out with all these activities and extra things you have taken on your plate and unsure where you are going to find 6 extra hours a day to accomplish them?
Step back... ask yourself and God why you are doing these things.

God wants us to be intentional not only in our 'spiritual' life but in our life in general!

Be intentional!
Live- but live totally sold out for Jesus!
Make everything you do for Him, because of Him or to Him!

Let your desire be what God desires!
Your return to God can be in everything... letting Him us you in EVERYTHING. Not just ministry within the church walls, or in the sermon or the preaching or the teaching of a class, but in EVERYTHING!

I pray you let God help you live intentional for Him!

Letting your heart and mind always be in prayer to Him is a good way to live intentionally for Him. That doesn't mean lock yourself ina room and pray 24-7 on your knees... it means always having you mind and heart set on Him. Saying those little prayers as He bring people to your mind.
So your driving to pick up your kids from soccer practice and an old friend pops into mind... say a prayer for her. Not just a "God please bless___." a REAL prayer, a pray that you would want someone to say for you!
When you get woken up from a sound sleep and ___ it on your mind.. GOD woke you for a REASON! PRAY!
There are lots of opporurtinites for us to change earht and shake Heaven with our prayers. Though our 'Quiet Prayer Time" with God is importnat, so are the INTENTIONAL prayers throughout the day!


Lord, I want my life to have purpose! I want to be someone who points all eyes back to You! In everything I do! In homeschooling my kids, in maintaining my home, in my business, in my ministry, in my worship, in my whole life! I want to live intentional in all I say and do and think! I want the mind of Christ to be my mind. Lord, I know you an touch many lives that might not ever lace foot in a church, and Lord, I ask that you allow me to put myself aside so that I can let your light shine through me and let me point all eyes, honor and glory given- right back to You!
Lord, You deserve all the glory, so take it!
Thank You Lord!
In Jesus Name, Amen

Be encouraged!
Intentional living takes some faith sometimes,
but mostly it is about getting out of the way and letting God live through you!
Keep on keepin' on!
Prayers always,
Praying Mom