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Friday, October 10, 2008

Trusting God with ALL of it!

Isn't it hard sometimes to trust God witht he little things? Oh, we call on Him and will ask pray requests for the BIG things- someone is really sick, someone is dying, someone is hurting... but what about the small stuff?
What about the little prays- pray for deer unting seasons, prays for the bread to rise this time, pray for the little one to fall asleep right away tonight... what about those things?
Do you think that God is too busy to care about and answer those prayers too?
I don't. That's why I pray them!
That is why when my father-in-law mentioned he was going deer hunting and asked for me and the kids to pray he gets adeer this time- I did pray. I tucked the kids in bed and as we prayed, we prayed for Grammy's camping trip and that he would get a deer. I know that my father-in-law wasn't picturing me down on my knees in deep praying, crying and wailing about his request, but why shouldn't we fervently pray about those things too?
If it is important to us, it is important to God!
If he takes the time to number the hairs on our head, don't you think that He would take time to answer your 'little' prayer?

No matter what it is that is on your mind. Maybe it is for you to get all green lights on your way to work so you don't ave to speed and will still be on time... maybe it is for a favorite dish at your favorite restraunt to be on 'special' this week so you can sae some money... maybe you've been trying t make homemade bread, dessert, pizza or something and it isn't turning out just right.... maybe you just need a blessing--- God cares! He will answer adn He will prove to you that He is hearing your prayers!

A few weekends back we had a women's brunch. The night before the brunch I went to bed really late (or early the next mornig I should say- 4 A.M.) I was worn, tired and has just feeling stretched as a mother, wife, teacher, etc. I was praying in the wee hours of the morning and told God that I just needed a blessing. "Anything!" I told Him. "I just need to know You hear me and I just need to know that you care. I will take ANY blessing you want to give!"

The next morning I went to the women's brunch. I had awesome fellowship with other women, heard a inspirational message, worshipped to outstanding praise and worship music and felt God's presence in the room. Before dismissing, our lovely women's leader Chris did a drawing. She had a few little gifts to give away. The last name she picked out was mine... guess what I won: A little leather Bible in a cute little bag. It was so cute- the bag and Bible matched. It was small so it would be easy to carry to church with the twins- one in each arm... but that is not what got me... what got me was that I asked for God's blessing- I told Him I'd take anything- and He gave me HIS Word!

Lord, thank You!
Thanks is all I can say... thank You that You heard me!
Thank You that you cared enough to say 'Here, here is the answer!"
In Jesus Name, Amen

Praying Mom


Lora Lease said...

The power of prayer is so amazing! But even more so, is God's great love for us, and the fact that He actually does hear us... all the time, whether big needs or small. I am so grateful to be His child!

As a mother of 9, I pray all the time, and am so thankful for this connection with my Father.

momofmhasr said...

It is truly amazing to me that so many times we don't stop and pray, maybe it is because we think this is too small for God to care about.But isn't it rue that he cares about feding the sparrows. He cares about every detail of our lives. The amswer may not always be what we want, but it is all important.

Lisa said...

I am learning to ask him anything, before I do anything, and yes it works in amazing ways to be sure!
Did Gpa get his deer?

Hil'Lesha said...

I pray about the smaller things all of the time! Sometimes, I had felt silly about it, but God has answered a lot of my prayers. So I know he does'nt mind. :)

Wendy said...

It is a hard but wonderful lesson to knwo how and when to let go and trust God! Thaks for the prayer!
I linked to a post wher eI had to learn to Trust in Him!

FaithfulMommy said...

We pray for the little things as well. Please, please help my little ones to sleep well and please help me be the best mother possible each and every day. I believe He hears the little prayers too!

Jennifer said...

I pray for everything that pops in my mind...which means I am praying throughout the day!

Heather said...

It is SO hard to trust God sometimes! Thank you for this post! It was very convicting and reminding of how much I really do need to stay on my knees before God!!

cvdmvega said...

Yesterday we had a day like this...it seems like the attack come more quickly of late...yesterday in tears and on my knees I remembered God has it I just have to let go and trust him...the situation resolved itself...


Katy said...

Sometimes I feel like when I pray about the small stuff...that I am whining. is that silly? I have been praying for these elections like crazy. I know God is always in control...but I know he gives freedom of choice to people....and people are picking Obama :( .

Cathy Davis said...

I'm in a season where I have to trust Him because I know I'm powerless to do everything. I keep yelling at Satan (while driving in the car otherwise I'd probably scare my kids) to back off and leave me and my marriage alone! It's not his -- it's HIS! :-0)